Testimonials for GMCH

Our son attended summer camp at GMCH and loved his experience there. The teachers were warm and inviting and he got to explore and play while also learning. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their program, even for a short time!

-Kelly D.

Everyday is a new fun educational adventure and this facility shows that they love children and love exploring new ways to get kids interested!

– Cendra C.

I absolutely love sending my son to Greenwood Montessori School. He really seems to be more advanced than other children his age. And the owners and teachers are great people who truly care about the children. It would honestly upset me if we could no longer send our child there.

– Craig W

My grandchildren go here and they love it. I feel very fortunate that they have a safe, nurturing learning environment that lets them experience life around them indoors and out.

– Kelly K.

I love Greenwood Montessori Children’s House!! My kids have learned so much and have so much fun!!! Such a believer and fan of Montessori schooling!

– Danielle W.

“Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and helping us to break down the cost. We talked and crunched some numbers and we will make it work so Alec can continue at GMCH.

I figured I should let you know, that it is a testament to the quality of the school you run, the atmosphere and education that you provide, that convinced us to make the finances work so Alec can continue at GMCH. We love the school, the staff, and are loving seeing Alec’s friendship with Mya grow. One of the huge deciding factors was trust. It’s not an easy feat for parents who work for Child Services and law enforcement, who see traumatized and abused children on a regular basis, to trust in a child care provider. We have come to trust the staff at GMCH and because of that trust, we want Alec to continue at the school.

Thank you so much for the environment you have created at GMCH.”

Isabel C.


“Greenwood Montessori Children’s House has been an amazing blessing for us! The teachers are kind, caring and patient. They nurture each child in a manner that best suits that child’s personality, and the results are unparalleled! When I first brought my daughter to GMCH, she could only string 2 words together. Now, 6 months later, she is speaking in full sentences and working on potty training! I feel very comfortable with my daughter at GMCH, I know they will treat her with the same love and care as I do. I recommend GMCH to anyone looking for outstanding early childhood education.”

Laurel Foley


“I have known Anita, Tim, and Julia Hittinger for over 10 years.  Our relationship began when my own children started their Montessori education with Anita and Tim as their first teachers.  As I got to know them, I quickly discovered how dedicated they were to the children as well as the Montessori philosophy and how they created a learning environment where children thrived.  In fact, I was so impressed with their experience and educational values that I decided to enter the field of early childhood education myself.  Soon after, I began working at the Montessori school and met Julia when she joined the school and the family! From that time forward, all three have remained a positive influence not only to me as a parent and educator, but more importantly to all the children who have come through their classrooms.
Their strong educational and personal values are apparent in everything they do.  It never ceases to amaze me when I watch them interact with children and their families, and see the positive learning experiences and relationships blossom.  Their child-centered, gentle approach when working with children truly creates a love of learning and guides the child in reaching his or her fullest potential in a peaceful and respectful learning environment.
Words cannot express how inspirational the Hittinger’s have been to me and my children over the years.  However, I will say that knowing them as both a parent and a colleague, I could not recommend three more professional, dedicated, or caring educators to lead children on their educational journey.”

Lori Ketterer